Smile To Go: A U-Belt Student’s Go To Milk Tea Place

Smile To Go: A U-Belt Student’s Go To Milk Tea Place

As a college student myself, I know that there are 2 drinks that an average college student can’t live without: coffee and milk tea.

I remember when I was still studying in one of the universities in the university belt (the pink school as it’s known to many), I was always on the look out for any coffee shop or milk tea shop that offers a cozy ambiance and affordable drinks for students who want to study outside of school (and home) but has a tight budget.

U-Belt students can now have a go to place for studying while sipping on their favorite milk tea because a branch of Smile To Go has just opened in Legarda. The catch? They are open for 24 hours and they also have free wifi! It’s really a nice place to hang out with friends while studying for tests.

Milk Tea (and other yummy drinks) coming your way!

Warning: If you’re currently craving for milktea, brace yourself. And don’t say that I didn’t warn you. 😉

Oreo Cream Cheese Milk Tea (one of their bestsellers!) with my sleeping baby
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea
Panda Milk Tea
2 Ladies Milk Tea
Milk Tea with Brulee
Super Fresh Fruit Tea
Cheese Cream Mango
Orange Burst

My co-bloggers and I got a chance to taste some of the drinks on the menu and it didn’t disappoint. All the drinks are delicious and unique in their own way.

My favorite, of course, is the Oreo Cheesecake Milk Tea. One sip and I knew why it’s considered one of their best sellers. It’s not too sweet, and not one component is overpowered. The oreo, cream cheese and milk tea blended so well that you can taste all of it at the same time. The other drinks are really good too but Oreo Cheesecake Milktea took my heart away.

As I have said, the ambiance of this shop is so cozy that you can bring your friends here either to study or to just hang out. Another good news is that at the second floor of the shop, there’s a computer shop that serves as haven for student gamers who wants to pass time and destress.

So if you are looking for a place to hangout, study or just to chill in, Smile To Go in Legarda is open 24 hours for everyone!

Smile To Go Legarda is located near Jollibee Mendiola, beside Mang Inasal Mendiola.

How to get there?

From LRT2 Legarda Station, just walk towards where CEU Manila/San Beda University is. When you see Jollibee Mendiola, walk straight to that direction. You’ll see Mang Inasal beside Jollibee and on its other side, Smile To Go. (Hope you understood what I just said here. 😂)

SM Supermalls Steps Up Online Service Via New Pick Up Offering With Airspeed

SM Supermalls Steps Up Online Service Via New Pick Up Offering With Airspeed

E-Commerce Players Seen to Benefit Immensely

The tremendous popularity of e-Commerce in the Philippines has prompted more businesses to sell their products online. As more and more online shops enter the market, competition for customers intensifies and sellers should recognize that any small benefit they can provide their buyers could make or break their business.

According to a study by the Department of Trade and Industry and the World Bank, logistics performance plays a vital role as buyers regard reliability, cost and time to be very important factors when shopping online.

The growth of the online shopping market has led to a corresponding rise in demand for logistics services. And Airspeed has heeded the call. As a reputable, efficient, and innovative end to end logistics solutions and express courier company that has been around for more than 30 years, Airspeed has evolved with the times and now offers online merchants innovative logistics services that can help their businesses grow and progress. Airspeed’s door to door and reverse logistics services are particularly beneficial to online merchants.

Just recently, SM Supermalls, the largest mall developer in the country, has partnered with Airspeed to introduce a new fulfillment service called “Pick-up at SM Supermalls”. Pick-up allows buyers to pick up their online purchases at designated SM Supermalls. Pick up is a cost-effective, efficient and convenient service that benefits online sellers and online buyers. Online retailers save cost by using Pick up as additional delivery hubs for their
buyers, they can consolidate orders of their clients delivery addresses to one Pick up location thereby making it more efficient to fulfill online orders and buyers can be assured of a quick and easy process when they use Pick up to procure their orders.

A Pickup transaction works simply and easily. First, a buyer purchases from an online retailer. Second, the seller packs and delivers the order to a Pick up kiosk at an SM Mall. Then the customer counter associate of the pick- up kiosk receives the order and notifies the buyer that the order is ready for pick-up. The customer goes to the selected SM mall to get the order from the pick-up booth.

Online businesses should take advantage and sign up for Pick up. Aside from affordability and accessibility, merchants can also use other Airspeed services such as Door to Door Forwarding to ship their orders to the pick-up booth at SM, and Reverse Logistics to return any failed Pick up orders.

Online merchants that partner with Airspeed and SM through Pickup service will be able to offer their buyers an effective and convenient delivery option. And in the world of online shopping, even a small advantage can make a big difference.

*Pick up booths will open soon in SM Megamall, SM City Fairview, SM North Edsa and SM Southmall and SM City Masinag. For more information about Airspeed and the services it offers visit its website at or via Facebook at @AirspeedInternational and to know more about how to join the pick-up roster of partners contact Justin Byron Co at or via mobile at 09175697761.

Airspeed is a corporate logistics company focused in Freight Forwarding Solutions, Customs Releasing, Customized Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution. With its growing network, Airspeed aims to make it happen to all of its stakeholders, as it has for over 30 years. Founded in 1985 as an international air freight forwarder, Airspeed is now one of the country’s most trusted and fastest growing logistics brand serving the B2B and B2C market. Airspeed can make it happen for you:

Visit, or call (632) 854 – 1284, 852- 7359, 852-7376 or 854- 1291; Email us at, and follow Airspeed_International (Facebook).

All-Natural Korean Skincare brand “So Natural” Launched in the Philippines

All-Natural Korean Skincare brand “So Natural” Launched in the Philippines

The beauty industry is thriving this year, most especially in the Philippines. With so many beauty brands coming into the market this year, more and more consumers want something natural and effective. Customers are more specific on what they want and are more knowledgeable about how to maintain their skin. With that, Korean Beauty, more widely known as K-Beauty is very popular in the Philippines as it focuses more on a healthier skin regimen using only ingredients derived from nature.

And this is why natural Korean skincare brand “So Natural” is launching in the Philippines. So Natural was founded in 2007, a beauty company that sells their products exclusively online. So Natural focuses on intensive research and product development as well as providing great and effective products for their customers.

So Natural believes in strengthening the natural properties of our skin, inspired by nature and formulated carefully. So Natural believes in the philosophy of a healthy, beautiful skin is best achieved through using products that is gentle to our skin.

So Natural features 4 beauty lines that everyone should look out for.

● So’natural – Highly functional, dermatological based line
● the pure – The purest line in naturalism
● powder 4 room – creative and unique make-up line

As So Natural launches in the Philippines, here are the best-selling products that’s definitely recommended for you.

Out with the toxins and in with the baby smooth skin finish. Create a fresh and youthful skin with this mud mask. Take out sebum, dirt and toxins in one go. It includes activated volcanic ash and a blend of plant extracts. It detoxifies and cleanses the skin as well as providing hydration and a nutrient boost for a clear and radiant skin.

It is the highest level of Centella Asiatica 1% that effectively soothes and calms the skin. It also help rejuvenate wounded skin and also serves as powerful micro-thin defense membrane on the skin surface to protect it from external stressors and diminish scars.

Stop pricking and start swiping away those blackheads with the All Kill Blackhead Nose Stick. It contains charcoal powder and yellow cleansing grains containing silica and vitamins that reduces blackheads and whitehead while making your skin smooth and clear.

Stay fresh all day with smooth and smear-free make-up with the All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer. It helps makeup stay put on skin and has perfect coverage using a fine mist. It’s also enriched with lemon, tea tree, centella asiatica extract that will help make your makeup look more refreshing and hydrated.

With these exciting products coming into the Philippines this year, Filipino customers can get to experience the difference of switching to all natural products and the best of Korean Beauty all in one site. All of these best-selling products and a huge range of So Natural products and more can be found on the official website of Seoul Unni ( It houses some of the biggest natural skincare brands including So Natural in its website.

Follow Seoul Unni on the following social media sites for more information and details about So Natural Products.

Instagram: @seoulunni_official
Facebook: Seoulunni Philippines

Preemie Diaries Entry#1

Preemie Diaries Entry#1

I just confirmed an unusual behavior from Luna. I’ve been observing her everyday and it’s only today that I came to a conclusion.

Whenever I’m using my phone, eating, or just busy with something and my head is bowed down, Luna usually peeks from below. As in sinisilip niya ako. Whenever she does that, I smile at her and she smiles back. She is so cute whenever she does it that her cuteness becomes irresistable and I can’t help it. I hug her tight and tickle her. Hehe

Another recent gesture that I’ve observed from her still involves me being busy with my phone while she’s playing with her stuffed toys. After a while, she goes to me and just stares at me. When I ask her “why baby?”, she just goes in between my face and my phone and watches me while I scroll.

She did that again just a while ago and then it hit me. She wants my attention. She wants me to look at her and play with her. I instantly felt guilty for being busy with my phone. (Sorry I’m weak in picking up signals. Huhu) After the realization, I put my phone down, gave her the attention and affection that she needs. Then after a while, I already lied down and she lied down beside me too. She started playing with my shirt and eventually just fell on her back and let out a little cry. I looked at her and saw that she’s already sleepy because I saw her scratching her eyes. I laid her down gently and fixed her sleeping position and she eventually dozed off.

I can’t stop watching her while sleeping. She looks like an angel that God entrusted me to take care of. It feels so good to have her sleep beside me. It makes me think that she feels comfortable and safe whenever she’s near me.

I just feel the need to share this here because some parents may not always pay close attention to their children’s needs and think that giving them material things, such as gadgets playing nursery rhyme videos, are enough to cover up for everything. Also, I didn’t post it here to bash nor to be bashed by other parents. Again, I just want to share this experience of mine.

Parents, it may be good that you’ve been working hard to sustain your child’s/children’s needs, but believe me, they need you beside them too. It will be better for them that you can also give time to their growth and development and not just your financial needs. Yes, it’s difficult to balance both. But please remember to always choose your kids no matter what. They need you more than you know it.

Shopee Holds its First-Ever 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special starring Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista

Shopee Holds its First-Ever 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special starring Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista

Countdown to the finale of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale with live performances by top homegrown celebrities and the debut of Shopee’s latest Christmas jingle

MANILA, NOVEMBER 5 2019 – Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, will be holding its first-ever televised show, the 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special on November 10 at 10:30 PM, aired on GMA7 and Shopee Live. The star-studded show will feature performances by popular GMA stars, Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista, in an exciting live countdown to the finale of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale on 11 November. In addition, it will also include the premiere of the latest Shopee’s jingle, exclusively composed by Jose Mari Chan for this year’s festive season.

Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines, said, “Christmas is an important holiday for Filipinos, and we are thrilled to kickstart the celebrations in the biggest way possible with our very first televised Christmas concert, the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special. With this, we hope to deepen engagement with our users by bringing them closer to their favorite stars and brands, and also to foster the festive spirit in the Philippines. We invite everyone to join in the excitement on 10 November as we count down together to our 11.11 Big Christmas Sale. ”  

Key highlights of the Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas TV Special

  • Debut of Shopee’s latest Christmas jingle: Catch a live performance of the new Shopee Christmas jingle by Jose Mari Chan, which was exclusively composed for this year’s festive season.
  • Star-studded show: Watch top celebrities such as Alden Richards, Maine Mendoza, and Heart Evangelista perform all-time favorite Christmas songs. Also, enjoy special guest appearances by Gabbi Garcia, Lani Missalucha, Julie Anne San Jose and many more popular homegrown stars.
  • Over ₱11 million worth of prizes, deals, and discounts including a house and lot: Stand a chance to win exciting prizes including a Rusi Mojo 200 motorcycle, Toyota Fortuner, and a house and lot from Avida by tuning in to 3 special Shopee Shake sessions during the program.
  • Score amazing deals and vouchers: Enjoy amazing discounts of up to 70% from leading brands like Unilever, Pampers, Maybelline, Anker, and Perfetti van Melle during the show.

Exciting promotions, giveaways and  discounts on November 11

Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale will culminate on November 11 with exciting promotions including:

  • All-day sitewide free shipping with ₱0 minimum spend.
  • Up to 90% off deals: Score up to 90% off deals during the finale of Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale, such as the Xiaomi Redmi 7 and Redmi 7A. Consumers can also get the HUG 32” LED TV LT32, and the Rapoo V600 Gamepad XB360; both available at only ₱11.
  • 12-hour non-stop live stream: Look forward to non-stop challenges and vouchers during the exclusive 12-hour Shopee Live session from 12 noon to 12 midnight, and watch out for five iPhone 11 giveaways.
  • Exciting giveaways via Shopee Shake and Shopee Catch: Stand a chance to win from a pool of 2 million Shopee coins and an iPhone 11 by playing Shopee Shake. Shopee will also be upsizing its latest Shopee Catch, with a total of 6 game sessions and a 1 million coin pool to be won.
  • Exclusive deals from leading brands: Shop exclusive deals from leading brands such as Pampers, Silverworks, Bosch, Unilever, Maybelline, Olay, Pantene, Globe, Anker, Safeguard, Watsons, and Huawei.
  • Special promotions from industry players: Get an additional 12% off when checking out with a Metrobank card. Also, enjoy two months’ worth of load for free when buying Cignal Ultimate Prepaid HD at only ₱2,290 during the sale.

Find out more about Shopee 11.11 Big Christmas Sale at

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

About Shopee

Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.

Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Southeast Asia. Sea’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

‘Tis the season of giving! Zen Zest & Scent Station Gift Sets are now in stores!

‘Tis the season of giving! Zen Zest & Scent Station Gift Sets are now in stores!

Just a few more days till the holidays and our favorite local fragrance brands Zen Zest and Scent Station are back with their best-selling holiday giftsets! 

It has been a long-standing tradition, that Filipinos share love and joy among friends and families during the holiday season. As soon as the -ber months come rolling in, lists are created stating the perfect gift for each person.

However, last minute gift needs are something that cannot be avoided. Don’t worry, Zen Zest and Scent Station got you covered.

Over the years, both brands have provided quality and affordable gift sets which loved ones will surely be excited to receive.  This year, nine different gifts sets are being released that consumers can choose from!

1) Sugar Rush in Box

Zen Zest’s cute and refreshing line of body spritz perfect of teens and teens at heart! You can purchase them at Php60.00 each.  It’s affordability will even allow you to purchase the whole line to give a truly sweet sugar candy rush to your loved ones!

2) 2 in 1 Christmas Inspired Body Spray for Women

These Christmas Edition body sprays for women comes in 60ml bottles (Winter Apple & Sparkling Snowflake) that’ll surely make your loved ones feel the spirit of the holidays! It also comes in cute pink window box and retails at Php99.00 each set.

3) 2 in 1 Zen Zest Body Spray for Men

Packed in a 2 in 1 box is our own collection of men’s body spray.  Perfect for men who are always on the go. Retails at Php99.00 per set too!

4) Body Wash with Loofa Set

A moisturizing and fresh smelling body wash that comes with a loofa and retail at Php99.00 per set!

5) 2 in 1 Christmas Body Spray for Women

If our 60ml body spray bottles are not enough, here’s one in a 75ml cute and classy bottle packaging.  Also comes in 2 Christmas inspired scents, Snow Angel & Christmas Fairy and is still affordable at Php150.00 per set.

6) Aromatherapy Roll Ons in a box

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for the #TitasofManila? Zen Zest’s got you covered with their best-selling Aromatherapy Roll On in a classy box packaging. You can still choose from any of their best-selling scents: Energize, Uplift & Sleep. Each box is sold at Php150.00

7) Tea Tree Body Care Set

A cult favorite! Our best-selling Tea Tree duo in a box so cute, it doesn’t need wrapping! This best part? You can get this cute set for only Php199.00

8) Eau de Cologne (EDC) in a box

Take your friends back in memory lane when you give them one of Zen Zest’s best-selling EDC’s! This line has truly been the go to fragrance of every college student! A perfect blend of freshness and light scent that would suit almost anyone and everyone! Grab one at Php120.00 each.

9) Scent Station 2-in-1 C-Series

The series has always been a crowd favorite because of the wide selection of scents and its sleek and compact packaging that fits in perfectly with your every bag.  Grab a 2 in 1 giftset for only Php100.00!

BONUS: Scent Station Limited Edition for Him & for Her Eau de Toilettes in a box

Scent Station will be selling these sleek and perfect for travel 20ml EDT’s in an awesome blue and pink box packaging.  Perfect for gift giving and also very affordable at Php75.00 each.

Start off the Christmas shopping game right! Head to the nearest Zen Zest and Scent Station store and find the perfect scent!

For a list of the branches near you, you can check out these links: Zen Zest Branches / Scent Station BranchesFor more info, you can also follow them on their socials:



@ilovezenzest / @ilovescentstation

Mommy Christell’s Review: Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm

Mommy Christell’s Review: Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm

Luna has been an active baby ever since she was born. Even though she was incubated, I already sensed that she will be makulit. People who don’t know that she is a preemie baby even thought that she’s a full term baby just by her activeness.

But her being active also has its cons. Sometimes she misses her naps. Sometimes she even sleeps way past her bedtime! I really don’t know what to do about it anymore because I was used to her sleeping exactly or sometimes earlier than 9pm. But I guess kids really have those days when they just want to play all night, right?

I’m so happy that Euky Bear had trusted me to try their Sleepy Time Balm because it really has been useful in putting my little one to sleep.

Before typing this review, I used it on Luna for at least a week to see if the results that I’ll be getting is consistent.

Product Description

(I got the following information from their product leaflet which is included in the package they sent me.)

Euky Bear Sleepy Time Balm is a soothing massage balm made from 100% natural oils including lavender and chamomile that would help your little one prepare for sleep.


– Lavender is renowned for its ability to improve slumber. Chamomile is also traditionally used to aid sleep, soothe and relax.

– Combined with other natural skin-friendly oils such as coconut oil, sweet almond & jojoba which helps bring a blissful atmosphere of calm to baby’s bedtime.

– Use it as part of a bedtime routine. An established routine is recommended by most sleep experts as a way to help children settle quicker. This may include a bath, putting on music or cuddling a favourite toy, a spritz of room mist, or a massage with Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm.

– Gentle on skin
– Suitable from 3 months & up
– No mineral oils
– No synthetic fragrances
– No parabens
– No phthalates
– No sulphates
– Not tested on animals.

Directions to Use:
Apply on your palms before gently massaging your little one.

Ingredients (written at the back of the tube) :
-Sunflower Oil
-Coconut Oil
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
-Lavender Oil
-Chamomile Oil
-Jojoba Oil
-Vitamin E

A part of our “before going to sleep” ritual.

Verdict? The balm was very effective for my hyperactive baby! She’s fast asleep in just 15-20 minutes after I applied the balm on her chest and upper extremities.

The balm was also useful for us when Luna was confined in the hospital overnight. She was crying all night that time and can’t sleep because of her surroundings. When I applied the balm on her, she fell asleep within 30 minutes. It helped her relax and eventually sleep.

Up until now I’m still using it on her especially when she’s still wide awake way past her bedtime. It worked wonders on her and I’m hoping that it will also work on your little one too.

Where to buy it?

I forgot to mention that Euky Bear is an Australian brand and is being distributed here in the Philippines by Koofty Enterprises. You can buy their Euky Bear Sleepy Time Massage Balm for Php 550 in their Lazada shop.

Here’s the link to their shop:

You can also follow their social media accounts:

Want me to review other products that you wanna try for your little ones? Drop a comment below! ❤️